Dont think that someone is better than you because of their physical appearance. We are all the same way and we are the way we are because God made us to his image in a unique way. I am glad to be the way i am. And no lies we all do have those days that we dont feel good about ourselves. But what i have learned about those days is that they come to make us a stronger person,  to make us appreciate our beauty even if someone tells you your ugly; that doesnt make them prettier. Embrace that beauty, show it off, & be yourself!
Relaxing & taking sometime with the family is the best think to look foward to on sundays. Its brings peace and harmony to your life & soul. This sunday i had a lot of fun with my family. This sunday i had a lot of fun with my family at the Campo because we get to talk about things that we had years we disnt talk about. We bond more & it makes us feel better.